Saturday, 14 November 2009

Alabaster's Archive upload

Yahoo! Geocities is no more and one of the more regrettable losses is ‘Alabaster’s Archive,’ a resource devoted to Jewish, particularly religious, supremacism, especially as it informs Israeli society and Jewish attitudes to Palestinians. In Alabaster’s own words,

[the] goal is to present a serious full-text research resource of scholarly materials devoted to Jewish and Israeli religion, history, extremism, fundamentalism, and global socio-political power.

And I think he did a great job, so much so I downloaded the site a year or two back and saved it to my hard drive. I have now uploaded the 80 or so web pages in a zip file (3.4MB) to megaupload. Download it at this link:

When it breaks please just ask and I’ll re-up or email it ya…

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