Monday, 9 November 2009

The ‘Vote Conservative -- they Oppose the Multicult’ meme

Sarah, Maid of Albion put up a very good blog at her site and at Green Arrow’s urging people not to fall into the trap of voting for the establishment party/ies again now that they are talking the right game on immigration.

Of course, we have been here before, the last time that our politicians were forced to address the subject of immigration during the months leading up to an election, thirty years ago, in 1979.

Usually, all political parties comply with a secret pact whereby none of them mention the subject of immigration before an election, because they all have the same failed policy, and they do not want it discussed. However, this time, the growing popularity of the BNP, means that they have no option other than to address the subject and start lying through their expensively capped, tax payer funded teeth.

Voters over 50 will have seen this before, in the lead up to the 1979 election, the then opposition leader Margaret Thatcher gave a famous TV interview to the “World in Action” program during which she alluded to the fears in many communities that they could become "rather swamped by people of a different culture".

Thatcher was widely condemned, even then controlled media, for using the word “swamped” but she used it deliberately, and as cynically as Johnson used his words at the Royal Society.

Like Johnson, Thatcher had no intention of changing immigration policy, but she fooled enough people into into believing she would that they voted for her, rather than the National Front, and she won with a majority of 43 and the rest is history.

The BNP is not the National Front, but the issues and the Lib/Lab/Con troika are the same as they were in 1979, just much worse. Do not let history repeat itself, do not be fooled again.

This is an especially important message going into the next election because now that it’s become clear that Labour will not win the MSM are strongly pushing the idea that mass-immigration has been a peculiarly Labourite obsession, suggesting that the Tories, had they been in power, would have acted differently. Nothing could be further from the truth. Race-replacement migration has been every bit as much a Tory program as a Labour one and will remain so. Right-liberals have no more grounds on which to say ‘this far but no further’ than left-liberals, and so never do say ‘no further’ -- much less, ‘let’s back up a little.’

Recently I came across this quote in a Times opinion piece discussing Birmingham City Council’s plan to rehouse immigrants suffering from overcrowding, in accomodation that otherwise would have gone to Brits who had been waiting on housing lists, often for long periods of time:

What are likely to be the feelings of 50,000 white would-be tenants in Birmingham, who have waited years for a decent house, when they see newcomers, no matter what their colour, taking over whole streets of properties?

It was published on November 8th, no, not yesterday - November 8th, 1954. Nothing changes! Churchill was PM then, and in the 55 years since the Tories have been in power for 31 and we’ve had six more Conservative Prime Ministers, every one of whom made the situation worse. Will the boobs be fooled again? Will they vote Tory in part because they believe it will halt our dispossession? Millions will, but I predict that for the first time more than a million won’t be fooled, and shall vote for a party that means it -- not only on immigration but on other issues close to all social-conservatives’ hearts.

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