Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Buchanan on the navy whose ‘number one priority is diversity’

Pat Buchanan comments on the claim that the US Naval Academy sets lower admission standards for non-White candidates than for White ones. It is not surprising, of course - as Buchanan points out that kind of anti-White discrimination is widespread - but he draws attention to the critical difference between gormless supermarket managers and senior military officers who ‘struggle to master basic concepts’:

these students will be operating the most sophisticated and complex weapons systems ever built -- aircraft carriers, Aegis cruisers, nuclear submarines.

This sums up the problem of developed liberalism: even in the midst of war the principle of ‘equality’ must over-ride everything even to the peril of national security (and of global security if we are to believe the rhetoric of the ‘War on Terror’). Ultimately it must prove suicidal.


Frank said...

These nonwhites will be getting top combat training. Should an ethnic conflict ever arise within the US, these nonwhites would play a part.

It's been shown in the past how nonwhite ex-US soldiers are prone to join gangs after service.

fellist said...

Yea, I've seen those reports: gangbangers straight out of the army having 'served' in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Strictly speaking this story is thrown up because America has been victim to an unacknowledged ethnic conflict for decades, of course.