Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Englishmen banned in Bradford

I googled the phrase "I am an Englishman" on a Bradford City Council library computer with this result:

[Access has been blocked because ... Page content filters applied:- banned keyword]

Just about sums it up.


Frank said...

"Englishman" is hate speech? Amazing.


From IamanEnglishman's latest post today I find this surprising among other things: "Actually, as Marr is Scottish and Tony B is Scots-Irish, I reckon their desire to "coerce", "repress" "civilise" and "miscegenate" is aimed pretty exclusively at the English.

Which is why this website is titled as it is."

As an American (mostly Ulster Irish), I can't begin to understand how the English can be so hated in this day.

fellist said...

I'm not sure they are, at least by the likes of Andrew Marr and Tony Blair. For people like that I think their 'identity' is as much English as anything, but they consider Lenny Henry (goggle him) as English as anyone. If Scotland, Wales and Ireland were as 'enriched' as England they'd be fine with that.

There are Irishmen and Scotsmen who are anti-English - as you know - but as you're also aware a significant subset of them (Sinn Fein, for example), welcome all and sundry into their countries.

We can say there's a lot of very confused souls out there.

P.S. is Jack Black at OD the editor of IaaE, do you know?