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The BBC: Its real origins and purpose

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Paul Rigby:

Not quite your conventional take on the origins of the BBC:

“…the BBC was started in the early 1920s as a means of quietly raising revenue for British radio manufacturers, in order to develop radio signalling equipment for the British secret service…”

Tom McArthur & Peter Waddell. Vision Warrior: The Hidden Achievement of John Logie Baird (Orkney Press Ltd, 1990), p.277

The big prize was, initially at least, radar: TV was the cover-story. The implications, however, go much further:

“...Appeasement was a fake. Appeasement implied not knowing Hitler's next move. In fact, it now appears that the future Allies were aware of most of these plans, allowing him to make increasingly reckless moves”

(Ibid., p.309) Guido Giacomo Preparata, take a bow.


Thanks Paul. A previous post rung a bell and I searched 'Guido Giacomo Preparata' on Amazon.The reviews of 'Conjuring Hitler' are informative and very much accord with my own developing knowledge and intuition on the whole 20th century historical record, as 'imprimatured' and carefully nurtured by the Anglo American Establishment. I've ordered it.


Peter, Buy both – or order Vision Warrior from the library (paperback ISBN 0907618049) – and read them as, well, companion volumes. For, as unlikely as it may seem on cursory inspection, the degree of correspondence is staggering. What do I mean by this? The authors of Vision Warrior prove that conventional accounts of Logie Baird's career, not least those offered publicly by the man himself (“…it is difficult to date many incidents because Baird post-dated them to fit the official version…,” p.142), are essentially deep state fictions – pre-eminently, though by no means exclusively, SIS fabrications - designed to hide Baird’s real activities; and that those activities, essentially radar and secret signalling, were geared, from the early 1920s at the latest, to war. McArthur & Waddell even touch upon a central theme of Preparata’ thesis, to wit, the degree to which the British establishment undertook a sophisticated, and utterly bogus, “bifurcation” designed to create the illusion of division, and weakness.

“The possibility remains that some of these members may have been placed in ‘The Link’ as double agents, to encourage Hitler to believe that the wealthy in Britain were pro-Nazi and anti-communist.”

Preparata or McArthur & Waddell? The latter (p.277). Here’s Preparata on the same subject (pbk, p.xviii):

“England put on a mesmerizing show by feigning before the world that her ruling class was divided between pro-Nazis and anti-Nazis, and that such a scission accounted for the apparent lack of commitment to fight Hitler on the Western Front…”

The resonances are not merely historical:

“…in the 1926 Christmas edition of the Illustrated London News he [Baird] presented a breathtakingly early vision of what was in store. An artist’s impression had hostile tribesmen on the North-West frontier of India observed and tracked in the dark by solar-topeed troops who watched their movements on a screen,” (p.224).

CIA drones, anyone?


Back to the original theme of the thread for a moment. In seeking to understand why a wealthy & sophisticated news-gathering entity like the BBC parrots obsessively the American establishment line on the latter’s successive world-historical covert ops, we might usefully start at the beginning. And in the beginning was, as we have seen, deception in the service of the Russophobic geopolitical lunatics running Britain’s avowardly imperial military industrial complex. But there was another factor at work, too:

“A look at the early structuring of the BBC provides some fascinating facts. Originally the British Broadcasting Company, created in late 1922, consisted of six of the biggest radio-producing companies in the country. Their make-up reveals intriguing links…about the strength of American representation. The companies were Metropolitan Vickers, originally British Westinghouse, a branch of the American Westinghouse Company, and subsequently owned by General Electric USA; British Thompson Houston, also bought by GE of America; British GEC, 60 per cent of whose shares…were owned by GE USA; The Radio Communications Company, specialising in naval radio, which had information and patent swaps with Metropolitan Vickers; Marconi Britain whose American firm was forced in 1919 by US Government order to join with GE to form RCA; and Western Electric, also American-owned, part of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company who were linked by patent swaps and trade agreements with GE USA in the 1930s…With the BBC linked to such associates, it is hardly surprising that…*”

…it regurgitates any old nonsense the US MIC cares to foist on it and us: The BBC was its mouthpiece from the off. PS Didn't General Electric fund Hitler? Or have I misremembered my Anthony Sutton?

* Tom McArthur & Peter Waddell. Vision Warrior: The Hidden Achievement of John Logie Baird (Orkney Press Ltd, 1990), pp. 301-302.


Rest assured that your memory is intact:

Chapter Three of Sutton “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”


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Holy crap. That is a lot to take in.

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Daniel, I haven't verified the McArthur/Waddell quotes or sources but my instinct is to trust them. They fit with other stuff I've read including 'Conjuring Hitler' ... There's a good review of that book at Original Dissent in the Sutton/ Wall Street/ Hitler thread:


I uploaded a pdf of that book to Scribd, it can be read/ downloaded here: