Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The ‘One Show’ and ‘The Jungle’

I saw the portion of last night’s One Show covering the closure of ‘the jungle.’ Even for the BBC its naked advocacy for the would-be illegal immigrants was shockingly biased, perhaps unwisely so.

The (Asian) reporter that had visited the camp talked up its residents’ youth as though it implied vulnerability. The men she interviewed looked to me to have about the same average age as the English Defence League, I don’t recall anyone at the Beeb making sympathetic gurgles over them because of their youth. Next, and implying that this was an unfortunate loophole, she stated that asylum regulations would permit the British government to deny the campers asylum since they had not claimed refugee status in the first EU country they passed through. In fact they should have claimed asylum in the very first country which they entered, EU or no, on leaving their own. Guest Matt Lucas gave the standard Jewish line: ancestors who had fled the Nazis and other recent immigrant ancestors … enrichment … melting-pot, all that vomit. Even Adrian Chiles, nominally the average bloke (but happening to be half-Jewish/half-Croatian -- do any Englishmen still work at the BBC?) expressed only sympathy for the economic migrants’ ‘plight’ (they became ‘economic migrants’ when they entered the second country after ‘fleeing’ their own).

All-in-all it was a text book example of one-sided, emotional-plea propaganda. No questions asked of whether these people were truly fleeing some unusually criminal regime; no criticism of them for not seeking asylum in any of the numerous countries they had passed through; no-one - to provide that mythical BBC balance - from Migration Watch or the BNP to offer an alternative to the limitless tolerance of the media dandies (limitless until tolerance of Migration Watch, BNP and the like is required, anyway).

In openly seeking to illegally enter another people’s country knowing their entry is opposed by most of that country’s owner-citizens these migrants show themselves to be hostile to basic civilisational norms. That the beeb’s reporters do not seem concerned by this is not surprising - the BBC itself has long been hostile to basic civilisational norms. But ordinarily the beeb’s culture war is far more subtle than last night’s love-fest with criminals who openly conspire to aggress against us as a nation. In brazenly endorsing the law of ‘the jungle,’ the beeb - I hope - will have shocked some of its tame teatime viewers.


Tony_Manchester said...

Keith Allen was on the programme the other night and chipped in “Nation of Immigrants”TM and the usual swipe at the Daily Mail for reporting this scum honestly. Fatboy invited viewers to comment online but I didn’t stick around to see what the public had to say. I already know anyway…the public are with us and see people like fatboy, Matt Lucas and Keith Allen as lunatics or traitors. Apparently on Loose Women when one of them expressed sympathy for the invaders she was booed by the audience and when another gave the Daily Mail view she was cheered loudly. The audience at Loose Women is probably 75% female and absolutely middle of the road politically. The fuckers had better get the message soon - we’re pissed off and want our country back!

fellist said...

Good to know the Loose Women crowd weren't afraid to be vocal, Tony - that too is a mark of how angry we are.