Thursday, 18 June 2009

Age of Treason

A society in which the basic principle of loyalty to members over non-members does not obtain, especially among the policy makers, doesn’t have much future; such a society is by definition no society at all. Yet Boris Johnson’s disloyalty to the British and support for illegal aliens is the norm among our elites. And illegal aliens are not just some random class of foreigner, they are known to have already aggressed against our society and shown contempt for civilised norms generally.

Boffins believe we have evolved a brain to deal with Gemeinschaft-type groups of several hundred kinfolk. Pierre L. van den Berghe writes that,

Beyond that kind and size of group, the strain of having to deal with people we do not know well enough, and therefore cannot trust, is of such a nature as to alter radically the very nature of the interaction. In the larger world, we expect ruthless self-interest and cheating to be rampant and to be constrained principally by the coercive power of the state.

But in this age of treason the state is an instrument of the criminal conspiracy between power-seeking elites and benefit-seeking aliens. As civil strife continues to increase as a result of state malfeasance, many millions of Brits will unwittingly turn to their tormentor for relief, giving the hostile state even more power to exploit and oppress us.

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