Monday, 29 June 2009

Reasons for treasons

It has been apparent for years that the more hostile and problematic immigrant groups gain official and NGO support in their efforts to immigrate and remain here while the most affinitive have obstacles put in their way. The perverse bias persists despite near unanimous public opposition and politicians’ oft-stated ‘outrage’ at the situation. Two cases in the media this weekend demonstrate the problem:

Ahmed Daq must be given bail because the Home Office has taken too long to deport him and his continued detention is now unlawful, the court said...It is another blow to the Home Office, which has already lost a series of human rights battles over illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers... Addicted to alcohol and drugs, Daq committed 18 offences between 1998 and 2004, using 13 aliases... They included robbery, theft, two assaults occasioning actual bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon - an axe - in a public place without reasonable excuse, using threatening words and behaviour, and seven burglaries... Mr Howell, sitting in London, added: "This case is a sad reminder of the continuing difficulties in securing the removal of foreign nationals who commit criminal offences in this country which make their continued presence here undesirable."


A doting dad with an 11-month-old daughter faces the heart-breaking prospect of having his family torn apart after his Canadian wife was refused permission to remain in the UK... Her application to extend her UK visa has been refused on the grounds that her circumstances are “not compassionate or compelling enough” for the Secretary of State to exercise his discretion in her favour... Mr Harper, a self-employed gardener who would be unable to leave his business to travel with them to Canada, said: “We are very upset.If she goes back to Canada, it’s going to take at least three months and it’s just not right that I can’t see my wife and baby for that time... “It seems wrong that all these people come into the UK illegally and are then granted the right to stay and a genuine case where a family wants to stay together is refused... “She has come here and taken nothing from the state. She has not drained the country at all because I have supported her since her arrival”.


It is axiomatic that governments usually act in such a way as to increase their powers, and this is the most parsimonious explanation for the systematic discrimination in favour of the hostile, criminal and least assimilable. The more havoc the likes of Ahmed Daq create, the more public support is gained for legislative and social controls that would otherwise be opposed on civil liberties grounds. Immigration by the likes of Deanna Harper is discouraged because it dilutes the toxic effect of immigration generally, and because the life she will make for herself here would present such an obvious contrast to the government's favoured immigrant cohorts.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Greetings from Virginia - I saw your comment on Sarah's blog and rather than ruffle any more feathers over there just yet ... thought I'd drop by here.

You have several interesting links which I've been going over the last half hour. Do you mind if I post mention of them and your blog around ?

Will try and read deeper as I have more time. Take care.

fellist said...

Not at all, Jeff, thanks. And if you can correct or improve anything I post here don't hesitate to blast me in the comments threads.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Thanks Fellist.

Naw man ... I'm not about to be doing any blasting of ya here or wherever - feeling kinda blasted out for awhile. Didn't come here to critique ya.
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But of what I've seen on your blog I think you indeed understand.
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