Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thomas Carlyle has a dig at Boris Johnson

Boris outpaces Labour's Phil Woolas in the race to make England un-English.

"So, far from a financial burden, as some suggest, this new research has found an amnesty could be worth up to £3bn a year to the country's economy."

Mr Carlyle reminds the Mayor:

"Political Philosophy should be a scientific revelation of the whole secret mechanism whereby men cohere together in society; should tell us what is meant by 'country' (patria), by what causes men are happy, moral . . . instead of all which, it tells us how 'flannel jackets' are exchanged for 'pork hams.'"

(Two Notebooks of Thomas Carlyle, ed. Charles Eliot Norton (New York: Grolier, 1898) p.144)

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