Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wacko Morley, Uncle Tom Sawyer

Every time I caught a few seconds of TV ‘news’ yesterday they were discussing the death of a former pop star so I thought it highly amusing that the first words I heard on the Newsnight special devoted to the story were bemoaning the fact that many people would focus on the ‘celebrity’ part of the singer’s life rather than the ‘important stuff.’

Before I had stopped laughing the same contributor, drawing us back to the important stuff, said that what had saddened him most about the life of the singer was his cosmetic journey from looking African to looking Caucasian (this talking head was Black). He went on to say that he had liked the early artist for specifically representing Blackness and was disappointed when the mature artist sought to represent all humanity. Miranda Sawyer and Paul Morley, two impeccably liberal Whites sympathised with the gentleman about the singer having ‘betrayed his race’ (these were Sawyer’s - or perhaps Morley’s - exact words).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more rapid deployment of the MSM’s culture war for race-replacement arsenal. In a few short minutes it was all there. Avoid serious news and analysis; load us up on celeb gossip and other trivial diversions; present a never-ending stream of non-Whites making extreme race-based claims; and for balance present a never-ending stream of role-model raceless-Whites eager to agree to those claims (and who will, when called upon, turn savagely on any White who dares make ANY claim on behalf of his race).

(Click on the link and ffw to the last five minutes to see what I mean).

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